Title Card

George: Right after lunch okay

Theodore: Good day sir and welcome to O Briens Fast Food Restraunt may I suggest o briens o burger or the famous o chili

George: Oh no its you from Foducks Restraunt everytime you wait on me i dont get what I want and it takes forever.

Theodore: Oh it wont take forever here sir this is a fast food restraunt fast food is already made and it comes out right away its very fast

George: Oh its fast Huh

Theodore: Indeed now pick from our fast wall menu and your food will be here before you expect it.

George Okay ill take the O Fish

Theodore: One o fish

George: The O Salad

Theodore: One o salad

George: The O Bread

Theodore: O white or o rye sir

George: o rye and a glass of o milk

Theodore: a healthy o meal

George: and it better be FAST!

Theodore: oh it is fast belive me okay Emily listen one o fish one o salad one o rye and one o glass of milk

  • Crash*

George: What was that

Theodore: That was your o fish is that fast enough for you


there goes your o salad

George: but i wanted to eat the salad

Theodore: Then you shouldve grabbed it sir if you want to eat the food you must be fast too

George: I dont belive this

Theodore: you have no fish and the salad you still have to catch the o bread

George: Okay im ready uuhhhhhhh wheres the bread


Oh No

Theodore: I forgot to tell you sir the bread comes from the other side

George: But im hungry i want somthing to EAT!

Theodore: We only guarrentine the food the rest is up to


Theodore: youre welcome

George: what was that

Theodore: instant o mashed potatos not your order


there goes your glass of milk thatll be $2.00 Sir

George: but i didnt have anything im still starving

Theodore it was fast though

George: dont you have any slow food

Theodore: you need the slow waiter for uh Bobby your shift

Bobby Slowy: Be with you in a moment sir

George: that does it im getting outta here im going to foducks for lunch

Theodore: thats my other waiter lets go together and ill serve your food

George Faints

he o fainted

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