One day, Theodore got a new whistle. Theodore wanted to blow his whistle everywhere he went. Theodore job was to collect barges of, timber, flour, bricks and pipes from the Healand Flake Fleet. Theodore blew his whistle at Stephen who jumps and bumps the pipes barge. The pipes fall out into the water. Zug and Conner laugh at Stephen who starts to laugh to. Later, Theodore blew his whistle at Roger who jumps and bumps into the barge of bricks. Roger gets covered in saw dust and starts laughing, Theodore, Zug and Stephen join in the laugh. Later, Theodore scares Conner with the flour. Flour shot everywhere. Roger said Conner looked like a ghost with all that flour. Theodore told Zug, Stephen, Roger and Conner that Elvis would be coming soon with the timber barge. Theodore scares Elvis with his whistle, and Elvis shot forward. The timber crussed the train staion. The Flake Fleet and Theodore are shoked. Captain Flake was very cross. He asked Theodore where his barges are. Theodore is sad. Theodore cleans up the mess and heads home. He has learned a lesson.



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