Theodore, Zug and the Healand Flake Fleet is a Theodore Tugboat episode.


Theodore is floating happily along one day when he sees a strange black and white tug chugging into the harbour. Theodore chugs over and greets the little tug. The tug thanks Theodore for greeting him and smiles. Theodore asks the tug what his name is and the tug replies saying that his name is Zug. Theodore takes Zug to the Great Ocean Dock and introduces him to the Dispatcher and his friends. The Dispatcher asks where Zug is from and Zug says that he is from Healand. Hank wonders how far Healand is and Foduck says its not far. Zug talks about how he used to work for the Flake Fleet and used to live in Healand Harbour. The Dispatcher decides to let Theodore show Zug around. The two tugs leave the dock and chug towards Benjamin Bridge. Theodore introduces Benjamin to Zug. After a few days of introducing and showing everything and everyone to Zug, Theodore wonders if Zug would like to stay in the Big Harbour. The next morning, the Dispatcher gets a radio call from Healand Harbour. He then tells Zug and Theodore that they need to go to Healand Harbour on a very important job. Lucy asks if she can go too and the Dispatcher says that that would be fine. Theodore can't wait to meet Zug's old fleet. As they approach Healand Harbour, Theodore sees a bright blue tug with a dark blue smokestack with a turquoise snowflake on it and a flag sticking up from her back deck has the same symbol. The tug also wears a dark blue cap. The tug smiles and greets them and says her name is Sally. Sally is surprised when she sees Zug with them. Zug introduces Theodore and Lucy to Sally. The four head into the harbour and meet the Flake Fleet: Roger, Elvis, Stephen, Connor, Ellie and the fleet train Sam. The owner of the Flake Fleet, Captain Flake, tells Zug, Theodore, Lucy and Sally to bring in a huge tanker and they do so. After the tugs return to the Big Harbour, Zug gets a big surprise. The Dispatcher asks if Zug would like to stay and Zug happily says yes. George, Emily, HankFoduck, Theodore, Lucy. and London; the new taxi in the harbour, all want to hear Zug's story of his old fleet. Zug tells the story and everyone is happy. That night, Theodore and Zug talk to each other and are glad to be friends.


Go ahead and make one up.

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