Theodore's Message From Mars is an episode of Theodore Tugboat.


Theodore, GeorgeLucy and Hank fly up to Mars and help a Martian Theodor find a secret treasure. First, the Dispatcher discovers a creature who is equivalent to Theodore is flashing a color pattern (Blue, blue, yellow, green) which means "PLEASE, PLEASE, COME, HELP!" which Theodore needs to help Martian Theodore on his mission. Then, the harbour turns into a NASA-like mission control center which workers view the astronauts on a flat screen. The countdown starts in a singing version and the rocket lifts off. Then they land and find the same pattern behind the mountains and Martian Theodore tells Theodore that he buried the treasure in one of the 3 craters. Then, the Martian Twilight Festival begins by doing the "Yum Blatz" dance. Then the friends say goodbye to Martian Theodore and return to the harbour and have hotdogs.


Theodore: What's going on, sir? What's this all about?

The Dispatcher: Well, Theodore, I have just recieved a distress signal from Outer Space.

Hank: Wow! Who's it from?

Foduck: Proberbly from someone who lives up there.

The Dispatcher: Well, Foduck, that's close. It's from someone who lives on Mars and he looks identicle to Theodore.

Theodore: Can you imagine that, Hank? Someone who lives on Mars and looks just like me.

The Dispatcher: He's a Martian and his name is Martian Theodore.

Lucy: Wow!

The Dispatcher: He needs your help up in space. Good Luck!

All the Tugs: Thank you, sir!

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