Two boats
 One morning, Lucy is exploring around the Harbour. She likes to explore the beach, the cove, and most of all she likes to solve mysteries. She likes to look at something mysterious and solve the problems. But today she is enjoying herself cruising around the Harbour. While she is about to go home she saw something amazing shining on the cove. Lucy spotted it look like a crystal or diamond jewerly, she founds out it was a big rainbow diamond. She never saw a real one before but heard stories about it. She decided to take it show it to her friends. While the rainbow jewerly is put up on Lucy's deck than she went off. When she got back home to the docks, she show her friends what she found and explain what happend. Foduck thinks it look like a big diamond came from Jewerly Store. Hank thinks the theives came sneak last night stole it. Lucy thinks Hank maybe right, but she had to figure how she will get the big diamond back where it belongs. So the next day, Lucy decided to go ask Rebecca the Research Vessel about the big rainbow jewerly she found. Lucy explain to Rebecca about the beautiful jewerly that she found yesterday at the cove. Rebecca thinks that beautiful jewelry comes from the Jewelry Store. Lucy not sure but she says some theif came and stole at the city or maybe a woman lost it. Lucy thinks this is a mystery so she will find about and thinks who jewelry is it. Lucy decided to find a mystery so she will do well. The next day, Lucy is still figuring about the mysterious jewelry she found.

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The big rainbow jewerly looks like one on Disney's movie The Rescuers.

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