Theodore and Hank are at the dock when R Boat showed up. He asks Theodore and Hank if they have noticed some strange things about The Harbor Master latey. Hank said he did notice him staring at the sky while he was moving Bobby barge. The Harbor Master Mother birthday was coming soon. The Harbor Master, whose real name was Denny, was to were his best suit and cap. The mother was exicted and said she would meet Denny at the party. Denny would take his car there. But one of the car tires ran out of air. Denny spots Cocomagh nearby. Cocomagh is glad to take Denny to the party. But Cocomagh ran out of fuel right near Tex the oil rig. Tex teases Cocomagh and Denny takes Tex to the Party but Tex can't go far Theodore is near so Denny jumps into the water and runis his best suit and cap he swins to Theodore who takes a very wet Denny or Harbor Master to the party. His Mother is deliged with the prest Denny gave her.




R Boat

Denny (The Harbor Master)



The Mother

Foduck (cameo)

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