[train chugging]

Big Mac: Hoo-wee! Your very first prince summit. You must be over the moon, Theodore.

Theodore Tugboat: Oh, I am excited. But, to be honest, I'm a little nervous, too.

Warrior: Your 'nervicited'! It's like you wanna jump up and down and yell "YAY ME!! But also wanna curl up in a teeny-tiny ball and hide at the same time! We've all been there!

Sunshine: I'm there almost every day.

Big Mac: You've got no reason to fret, Theo. Everything's gonna be just-

OJ: THEODORE! Oh, sorry, darling, but I just realized you're not wearing your stack. You haven't forgotten it back at the Lucky's yard, have you?

Theodore Tugboat: It's in my barge. Just feel a self-conscious about wearing it. Haven't really gotten accustomed to these yet, either.

OJ: You are a prince now, Theodore. Embrace it! I'm telling you, If I had a stack like that, I would never take it off. Why, I'd sleep in the thing.

[horn fanfare]

Wicki: His highness, Prince Theodore Tugboat!

Coast Guard: [laughs] Thedore! I haven't see you since the coronation!

Captain Star: We have so much to discuss. But it can it wait until tomorrow. You all look tired from your journey. Now, off to bed, all of you.

[excited conversation]

Theodore Tugboat: [sighs]

Ten Cents: What's wrong, Therodore?

Theodore Tugboat: I don't know, Ten Cents. I'm just... worried, I guess. Coast Guard was given the Empire to rule over. What if, now that I'm a prince, Captain Star expects me to lead the Star Fleet on my own?

Ten Cents: That would be awesome!

Theodore Tugboat: No, it would not! Just because I have this stack and these tow ropes, it doesn't mean I'll be a good leader!

Ten Cents: Awm sure ya will, Theodore. now c'mon, should get some shut-eye. Big day tomorrow! [sighs]

Theodore Tugboat: [grunts] Can't... dock...! [grunts]


Theodore Tugboat: Just trying to get comfortable! Ugh!

[remixed theme song]

[crickets chirping]


[water rustlings]

Ten Cents: [snoring]

Zebedee: Ugh!

Ten Cents: Huh? What?

Theodore Tugboat: [yawns] My stack! He's got my stack! Stop! Theif! He's stolen my stack!

Rest of the main cast: [gasp]

Theodore Tugboat: Stop! [grunts]


Main cast: [gasps]

Theodore Tugboat: What did you do to my stack?

Zebedee: Sorry it had to be this way...Prince.

Main cast: [gasps]

Sunshine: Who was that?

Captain Star: Zebedee. A former tugboat of mine. He began his studies with me not long before Theodore. But when he did not get what he wanted as quickly as he liked, he turned cruel and dishonest. I tried to stop him, but he eventually decided to abandon his studies and pursue his own path. One that has sadly led to him stealing the stack.

Ten Cents: He replaced Theodore's with this one.

Captain Star: I suppose Zebedee thought you wouldn't notice right away that this was not yours. And by the time you did, it would be too late to go after the stack and Element of Harmony.

Theodore Tugboat: But I don't understand. Where did he go? Why did he take my stack?

Captain Star: You'll soon know more about this place than even I do.

Captain Zero: This is no ordinary mirror. It's a gateway to another world. A gateway that opens once every thirty moons.

Warrior: Sparkly!

Captain Zero: It always been kept in the warehouse of Bigg City Port. But when Coast Gaurd took over the Empire, we sent it here for him to watch over.

Captain Star: [sighs] I had always hoped that Zebedee would someday use it to return, to come back to Bigg City Port seeking my guidance. Obviously, this is not what has happened.

Coast Guard: Theodore, you must use the mirrior to go into this other world and retrieve your stack. Without it, the other Elements of Harmony have no power and Bigg City Port is left without one of its most important means of defense.

Captain Zero: Your stack does not belong in the place Zebedee now calls home. And in his possesion, your Element of Harmony will no doubt be used to bring harm to the inhabitants of this other realm. They will not have the power to defend themselves.

Captain Star: You understand the importance of your task?

Theodore Tugboat: Of course.

Captain Star: Good. Then you must go at once.

Theodore Tugboat: [sighs]

Top Hat: Whoa, whoa, whoa! He's going , we're going with him.

Warrior: [squee]

Top Hat: Right, guys?

Warrior: Ohhh! I'm so 'nevicited'!

Big Mac: You do realize that's not a real word, right?

Captain Star: I'm afraid I can't let you go.

Top Hat: What?! Why not?!

Captain Star: Sending you all of you could upset the balance of the alternate world, creating havoc that would make it impossible for Theodore to get the stack back from Zebedee. This is something Prince Theodore must do alone.

Captain Zero: Time is of the esscene. On a third day, when the moon reaches its peak in the night sky, the gateway will close. And once it does. it will be another thirty moons before you will be able to use it to return.

Rest of the main cast: [remarks of encouragement] Ten Cents: NO!

Thodore Tugboat: Whoa! Aaaah!

Ten Cents: [yelping]

Theodore Tugboat: [groan]

Ten Cents: Uh, Theodore?

Theodore Tugboat: Huh? Ten Cents! You're not supposed to- Ten Cents? Are you a...harbor tug?

Ten Cents: I... think so. But I have no idea what you are!

Theodore Tugboat: Huh? [scream] [panting]

Ten Cents: Theodore, you have to get it together!

Theodore Tugboat: [heavily breathing] [sigh] What... does the rest of me look like?

Ten Cents: Um, like you. Only a repainted you. Your bumpers are really small.

Theodore Tugboat: My bumpers?! [panics]

Ten Cents: Are you gonna scream again? Where are we?

Theodore Tugboat: I don't know. But must serve the gateway back to Bigg City Port. We need to find my stack as soon as possible and get back there. I suggest we start checking the harbor first.

Ten Cents: Well, look on the bright side. You don't have those pesky tow ropes to worry about anymore.


Theodore Tugboat: Hmm! [grunts] [gasps] My magic! It isn't working!

Ten Cents: Makes sense. You don't exactly have your lamp.

Theodore Tugboat: What?!

Ten Cents: We really need to find you a mirror.

Theodore Tugboat: What do ya think, Ten Cents? Other artifacts he's stolen from Bigg City Port? [gasps] What am I?

[bell rings]

[scattered conversations]

Theodore Tugboat: Huh? Oof!

Pearl: Whoa. You okay?

Ten Cents: I don't think this is a harbor.

[Theodore Tugboat]

I've never seen a place

That's quite like this

Everything is turned around

This crazy world upside-down

Getting on my hull

It's the rope that I was dealt

But I don't have much time with them

Got to learn all that I can

They don't use magic or motor with any engines

I don't get these funny hats, skinny whistle or tiny body

Everything's confusing when it seems so new

But I look a little closer and it starts to feel familiar too

What a strange new world (what a strange new world)

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this strange new world (what a strange new world)

Sorting through the small details of this strange new world

What a strange new world

Emily: Oh, I'm really sorry. I-I just found it, and-and I thought I should give it to him. I didn't know you had dropped it.

Zebedee: Well, I did! And I was about to get it before you swooped in and ruined everything ! You really are pathetic. It's no wonder your best friends are all scrap metals.

Theodore Tugboat: How dare you speak to her that way!

Zebedee: What did you say?

Theodore Tugboat: I said, "How dare you speak to her that way!"

Zebedee: You must be new here. I can speak to anyone any way I want.

Emily: I can't believe you did that!

Theodore Tugboat: I couldn't just stand there.

Emily: Well, it's just that nobody ever stands up to Zebedee.

Theodore Tugboat: Zebedee!?

Emily: You've heard of him?

Theodore Tugboat: Sort of...

Emily: I don't think I've seen you around here. Did you just transfer to the Big Harbor from another harbor?

Theodore Tugboat: Um...yes! Another... heh, harbor! My name's Theodore.

Emily: [very quietly] I'm... Emily.

Theodore Tugboat: Sorry what was that?

Emily: [even quieter] It's Emily!

Theodore Tugboat: It sounds like you're Emily, but how can that...?

Emily: Oh, my goodness! Who's this sweet little boat?

Theodore Tugboat: That's Ten Cents! My, uh... buddy!

Emily: Oh, he's so cute! Go on, fuel up, little boat!

Ten Cents: [refuels] Huh?

Emily: Oh, wouldn't ya just give anything to know what they're really thinking?

Theodore Tugboat: He usually just tells me.

Emily: Oh, w-what do you mean?

Ten Cents: [whistle]

Theodore Tugboat: Oh, uh, nothing! (chuckles) Never mind. Zebedee said you picked something up. Something that belong to him. It wasn't a stack, was it?

Emily: How do you know?

Theodore Tugboat: Uh, lucky guess? Do you still have it?

Emily: Mm-mm.

Theodore Tugboat: But you know what happened to it?

Emily: Mm-hmm. This morning, I was passing out flyers for the oil refinery fundraiser like I do every Wednesday.

Emily: Big Harbor's oil refinery needs more volunteers. Won't you help the company that can't help itself.

[paper fluttering]

Emily: [whimpers]


Emily: Ow!

Emily: I have no idea how it got there. But I didn't want anything happen to it, so I decided to give it to The Harbor Master.

Theodore Tugboat: The Harbor Master? He's the fleet owner here?

Emily: You say that. Technically, I guess he and the Dispatcher do make the rules.

Theodore Tugboat: Where is he now?

Emily: Probably in his office. Third dock on your left.

Thedore Tugboat: Thank you!

Emily: Oh, wait! Your're not really supposed to have boats on harbor grounds. Mind wanna tuck him into your barge. That's what I do.

[shrimper whistle]

[boat whistle]

Emily: They just get so lonely when I'm in the harbor all day.

Theodore Tugboat: Oh, okay! Thank you!

[bell rings]

Emily: Oh, no! I'm late for work!

[whistle whistle whistle whistle]

The Harbor Master: Yes, yes. How may I help you?

Theodre Tugboat: Um, uh... Whew. My name's Theodore Tugboat. I-I'm new here, and Well, I understand that Emily found a stack this morning and gave it to you.

The Harbor Master: Yes. I've had The Dispatcher put it somewhere for safekeeping. No idea how it ended up in the front water. Were you interested in running for Prince of the Fall Formal this year?

Theodore Tugboat: Uh, no. Not exactly. The truth is... Well, the truth is I... You see, the stack is actually... Prince of the Fall Formal?

The Harbor Master: It's Big Harbor's big Fall dance.

Theodore Tugboat: Like the Grand City Gala.

The Harbor Master: Uh, Grand City Gala?

Theodore Tugboat: Oh, uh, it was a big deal at my old harbor.

The Harbor Master: And was there a prince?

Theodore Tugboat: Yes, but he wasn't exactly a tugboat.

The Harbor Master: Here at Big Harbor, the ships select one of their peers to represent them. He recieve a stack at the Fall Formal.

Theodore Tugboat: Hmm. You asked me if I was interested in running for Prince. Can anyone run?

The Harbor Master: Yes. You just need to let the head of the Fall Formal planning commitee know you'd  like to be on the ballot. Was there anything else?

Theodore Tugboat: Um, nope! That was it!

The Harbor Master: Well, if you do need anything else, my office is always open.

[sail off]

Ten Cents: Theodore. why didn't ya tell him the stack was yours and ask it back there?

Theodroe Tugboat: Oh, I was going to, but imagine if one of them showed up in Bigg City Port saying they came from a place filled with tall, fleshy,habor boat creatures with these? We'd think they were crazy!

Ten Cents: Hmm. You make a good point.

Theodore Tugboat: Looks like if I want my stack back, I'll have to become Prince of the Fall Formal of the Big Harbor Fall Formal. So that's what I'm gonna do!

Ten Cents: And how exactly do you plan on doing that?

Theodre Tugboat: I have no idea!

[bell rings]

[ships chattering]

Theodore Tugboat: I know we've just met, but I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something.

Emily: Of course!

Theodore Tugboat: I've decided to run for Prince of the Fall Formal, and-

Emily: [gasp] Oh! Oh, gosh! Sorry. It's just, oh, running for Fall Formal Prince is really a bad idea.

Theodore Tugboat: Why?

Emily: Zebedee wants to the Fall Formal Prince, and when he wants something, he gets it! He'll make life awful for anyone who stand in his way. Just ask the tugboat who ran for Prince of the Spring Fling.

Theodore Tugboat: I have to try!

Emily: Oh, I don't think you understand. You'd have to convince everyone here to vote for you instead of him: the pilot boats, the coast guard, the safty tugs, the fishing boats, the cable ships, the cranes...

Theodore Tugboat: Why is everyboat-


Theodore Tugboat: Uh, everybody seperated this way?

Emily: Maybe it was different at your old harbor, but at T.B.H., everybody sticks to their own kind. One thing that they do have in common is that they know Zebedee is gonna rule the harbor until we graduate.

Theodore Tugboat: Not if I can help it! [refuels oil] So, uh, [giggle] where would I find the head of the party planning commitee?

Theodore Tugboat: Emily said he'd propably in here.

Hank: Incoming! [breathes in and blows into a balloon]

Theodore Tugboat: Hi, my name's Theodore Tugboat and Hank?

[balloon deflates]

Hank: [gasps] Are you psychic?!

Theodore Tugboat: Uh, no. I don't think so. Unless of course that's something you can do here.

Hank: [sighs] Not usually.

Theodore Tugboat: Emily said this is where I'd find the head of the Fall Formal planning commitee.

Hank: Emily, huh? Don't let the whole "shy" thing fool you. She can be a real meanie.

Theodore Tugboat: You two aren't friends?

Hank: Waited a bit to get your name on a ballot, huh? Dance is day after tomorrow.

Theodore Tugboat: I'm brand new here.

Hank: Oooh! I thought you didn't look familiar. Though, now that I'm really lookin' at you... Do you have a twin brother who lives in a harbor, has a little boat named Ten Cents that looks just like that one?

Theodore Tugboat: Uh, maybe?

Hank: Thought so. Anywhoo, just need to stamp this out and you are officially up for the coverted Prince of the Fall Formal.

[stamp scratching]

Hank: Wow! You have really bad stamping, It's like you've never held a stamper before.

Theodore Tugboat: [nervouly laugther] Is it?

Lucy: Somebody order a dozen cases of fizzy oil fuel?

Hank: Oh! Oh! Me, me-me-me, me, yeah, ha-ha, me!

Lucy: Can you bring the rest?

Shelburne: Eeyup.

Lucy: Hey, I know you.

Theodore Tugboat: You do?

Lucy: Sure. You're the new tug who gave Zebedee the what for today. [refuel oil]

Hank: Theodore Tugboat here is gonna run against Zebedee for Prince of the Fall Formal.

Lucy: [spits] I'd think twice about that. Oh, sure, he'll probably approach you all friendly like...[fakes Zebedee's voice] I sure am lookin' forward to some friendly competition. [fake Theodore's voice] That's so good to hear. [normal] But then, here comes the backstabbin'.

[balloon pops]

Lucy: About the only tug in this harbor you can trust less than Zebedee is George.

Theodore Tugboat: George?

Hank: He's also the captain of, like, every team at Big Harbor.

[balloon pops]

Lucy: He's also the captain of sayin' he's gonna do somethin' for ya, and the turnin' around and not even botherin' to show up.

Theodore Tugboat: Thank for the adivce, Lucy, but this is something I really need to do.

Lucy: Huh, suit yourself. Hey, how'd you know my name is Lucy?

Theodore Tugboat: Um, I uh... [nervously laughter] Didn't you say?

Shelburne: Nnnope.

Theodore Tugboat: Well, it sure was nice meeting you both. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around.

Hank: The one's tryin' to hide a secret, but I am totally on to him. [whispering] He's psychic!

Lucy: Uh-huh. If you say so.

[sail up]

Zebedee: This looks terrible! There should be more streamers near the stage and fewer balloons.

[balloon pops]

Philip: Yeah, streamers!

Filmore: And fewer balloons!


Zebedee: Fizzy oil fuel? Ugh? This is my coronation, not a hoedown.

Lucy: Well, now, it ain't necessarily gonna be your coronation this time around.

Zebedee: Oh, is that so? You country folk tug really aren't that bright. Must be why the other ships say such awful things about you.

Lucy: Grrr.

Zebedee: obviously it's gonna be my coronation. I'm running unopposed.

Hank: Not this time. The new tug just signed up!

Zebedee: What?!

Hank: I know. His stamping is really bad.

Zebedee: [to himself] Where is this Theodore Tugboat? [laughs] [to Lucy and Hank] I'm looking forward to meeting the competition!

[ships chattering]

Zebedee: Can't believe I didn't you earlier. Shoulda known Captain Star would send his prized pupil here after my stack, and Mr. Goodie Two Screws, too.

Theodore Tugboat: It's my stack!

Zebedee: Whatever. This is just a minor setback for me. You don't know the first thing about this place, and I already rule it.

Theodore Tugboat: If that's so, why do you even need my stack? You went to an awful lot of trouble to switch it with the one that belongs here.

Zebedee: Pop quiz: what happens when you bring the stack of a Star Tug into an alternate world? You don't know? Seriously? [laughing] And you're supposed to be Captain Star's star tug? Then again, what were the chances he'd find someboat as bright as me to take under his hand after I decided to leave Bigg City Port? Bit embarrassing that you were the best he could do.

Ten Cents: [growls]

Zebedee: Oh, and I keep an eye on your scrap boat. hate for him to be... taken away from you.

Ten Cents: Is that a threat?

Zebedee: Oh, of course not.

Ten Cents: [whistles]

Zebedee: But I'd cut down on the chatter if I were you. Don't want everyone to know you don't belong here, now would you? You wanna be a prince here? Please. You don't know the first thing about fitting in.

Zebedee: I want to follow him. Bring me something I can use just like I did with that last tug who thought he could challenge me.

Philip: You got it, Zebedee.

Zebedee: when the stack and its power are mine, Theodore Tugboat will be sorry he ever set bow into this world. Not that he would've been much safer if he'd stayed in Bigg City Port.

Filmore: Yeah, in Bigg City Port.

Zebedee: What are you still doing?! Go!

Philip and Filmore: Ow. Oh.

[oil barge creaking]

Theodore Tugboat: [grunts]

Zak: Excuse me. The Great and Powerful Zak ...Needs some oil fuels.

[barge clanks]

Zak: Voila!

Theodore Tugboat: Zebedee is right. I don't know the first thing about this place. If I'm gonna really fit in and win votes, we need to do some research.

Ten Cents: Research?

Philip: Got your camera?

Filmore: Got yours?

Philip and Filmore: [snickering]

Theodore Tugboat: So I push the barges here, and then the crane and moving ropes will come up here?

Dorothy: [sigh] That's right.

Theodore Tugboat: Maybe this place does have magic.

[music playing]

Carla: [in video] "When you're a younger-"

[music turns off]

Dorothy: Uh, girls what are you doing?

Millie: We're just seeing how many hits our new music video has gotten.

Carla: [in video] "So the three of uf will fight the fight..."

Dorothy: [groaning] No, just...

Carla: [in video] "There's nothing-"

[music shuts off]

Dorothy: No! The harbor cranes are for researching purposes only.

Sigrid: It's just as well, y'all. Some of the comments about our song were really awful. "Epic fail"... "Funniest thing I've ever seen"?!

Dorothy: Funniest thing I've ever seen, huh?

Theodore Tugboat: Uh, I don't know that that's what you should take from...[sounds of exertion]

Philip and Filmore: [snickering]

Theodore Tugboat: Whoa! Whoa! Waah!

Dorothy: Shhh!

Theodore Tugboat: Uh... [nervous laughter]

Philip and Filmore: [snickering harder]

Theodore Tugboat: Ugh.

Theodore Tugboat: [yelps]

Voice on P.A system: The library will be closed in five minutes.

Theodore Tugboat: [yawn] [gasp] I hadn't even thought about where we're gonna sleep tonight!

Ten Cents: Way ahead of you.

Ten Cents: It's a little [cough, cough] dusty. But it doesn't seem like anybody come over here.

Theodore Tugboat: It's perfect, Ten Cents.

Ten Cents: So, how did your research go?

Theodore Tugboat: I found this book. It's called a yearbook. It seems to be something they use to keep record of things that have happened at the harbor. Look. That's Hank, George, Lucy, Emily, and I'm gonna bet that tug on the far right is Foduck.

Ten Cents: There's a Foduck here!? Uh, I mean, uh... interesting photo.

Theodore Tugboat: It's interesting because they look like they're friends.

Ten Cents: not so much.

Theodore Tugboat: I just can't help but get the feeling that Zebedee had something to do with it.

Ten Cents: I wouldn't put it past him. But he wanted your stack 'cause he's planning on doing something even worse! If you're gonna stop him, you have to focus on making friends here. Can't worry about why these tugs aren't friends anymore. Even if they [yawning] do remind you of your Star Fleet friends.

Theodre Tugboat: You're right, Ten Cents. [sigh] Eye on the prize.

The Harbor Master: [on P.A. system] Good morning, ships, and happy Thursday. Just a reminder to pick up your ballots for the Prince of the Fall Formal today. They are due at the time the dance starts tomorrow night, so don't forget to turn them in and make your voice heard.

Theodore Tugboat: Emily said I'd need to win over all those different groups if I wanna become Prince of the Fall Formal. So I've complied a list of talking points.

Ten Cents: [laughing] You made a list? That's so unlike you! [laughs nervously] Uh... Please... Continue.

Theodore Tugboat: I'll start introducing myself, sprinkle in some things I learned about their world into the conversation, show them how I fit here! [sigh] Okay, Ten Cents. Time to make a good first impression on my fellow ships. The whole world sorta depends on it.

"Ferda": Hey, look.

[ships laughing]

Theodore Tugboat: Why is everybody looking at me funny? Whoa! What're you...? Why did you...? Foduck?

Foduck: Perfect! Oh, yes. This is good! No one will recognize you!

Theodore Tugboat: Why wouldn't I wanna be-

Foduck: And we'll need a disguise for your little boat, which is too bad. He really is so adorable! Y'know, with a little work, I think I could make him look like a pirate instead.

Ten Cents: Huh?

Theodore Tugboat: A pirate?

[sail up]

Lucy: There you are, Theodore.

Foduck: So much for the diguise.

Lucy: I've been lookin' all over for ya!

Emily: Me too.

Hank: Me three! I like your new look!

Foduck: I do have an eye for these sorts of things. Not that you seem to care.

Hank: What?!

Theodore Tugboat: Why do you think he doesm't care? No, never mind. Why were you all looking for me? What's going on?

Emily: Oh, he hasn't seen it yet.

Theodore Tugboat: Seen what?

Hank: Oh, it's really not that bad. [laughing nervously]

Zebedee: [in video] Theodore Tugboat wants to be your Fall Formal Prince. But what does it say about our harbor of we give someone like this... such important honor?

Theodore Tugboat: Wha... I...

Hank: I take that back. It's pretty bad!

Theodore Tugboat: But this all happened yesterday! At the library! Has everyone in the harbor seen this? Is that why they were all looking at me that way?

Hank and Lucy: Mmm...

Theodore Tugboat: What am I gonna do? No one is gonna vote for me after seeing this!

Emily: Not that it'll make any difference, but I'll still vote for you.


Emily: You were so nice to stand up for me when Zebedee was picking on me yesterday.

Hank: If ya still wanna run, maybe there' something I can do to help!

Emily: Word of advice? Don't accept his help. He doesn't take anything seriously!

Hank: Ugh! Why do you have to be so awful to me?

Foduck: Oh! Pff. Kch. Ts! Don't play innocent, Hank! You are no better than she is!

Hank: And what is that supposed to mean?!

Foduck: [to Theodore] I am happy to offer up my assistance as well. [to Hank] To someone who would appreciate what I to offer!


Lucy: Listen to y'all carryin' on! Get over it and move on!

Foduck: You mean like how you've gotten over what happened with George?

Lucy: He said he'd get the towing team to make an appearance at my oil fuel sale. I tell everybody they're comin', and the not one of 'em show up! He made a lair outta me! That's different!

Hank and Foduck: Is not!

Lucy: Is too!

[arguing continues]

Theodore Tugboat: STOP! All of you! I wanna show you something. you were friends once.

Lucy: Hmm. the Freshman Fair. Y'all remember?

Hank: Mm-hmm.

Foduck: Yes.

Theodore Tugboat: But something happened. I think that something was Zebedee.

Foduck: Well, it's a nice theory, darling, but Zebedee had nothing to do with it.

Emily: He's right. Zebedee isn't the one who ruined my auction for the oil refinery by bringing fireworks and noisemakers! It was supposed to be a serious event, and Hank ruined it!

Hank: What are you talking about? I got a rumor from you saying that you didn't want a auction. You wanted a big party!

Emily: Uh! I never said you a rumor!

Hank: You didn't?

Foduck: You don't think he's tht one who's been sending those gossips, do you? Every time I volunteer to help with the decorations at a harbor functions, I get a gossip from Hank saying he has plenty of volunteers! And then I find he's done everything himself.

Hank: I never said any gossips!

Lucy: Maybe he's the reason George didn't show up for my oil fuel sale!

Theodore Tugboat: Didn't you ever ask George why he didn't show up?

Lucy: Heh, I guess I kinda stopped talkin' to him at all after that.

Theodore Tugboat: Maybe now would be a good time to start.

Foduck: They're actually talking! That's a good sign!

Hank: Hugs, Ooh, huge are always good!

Lucy: Somebody, and I think we can all guess who, told George take my oil fuel sale had been moved to a different day. George showed up with all towing team and thought I'd cancelled on him!

George: So you're lookin' to dethrone Zebedee and become Prince of the Fall Formal, huh? Gotta say, I'd really love to see that happen. I'll totally help you out! All you gotta do is beat me in a game of one-on-one.

Theodore Tugboat: What?

George: First to five bouys wins, One-zip!

[energentic music]

Theodore Tugboat: [gasping]

George: That's game!

Foduck: I... really thought you were gonna... pull it off there in the end! [laughs nervously]

George: So what's then plan? How can I help you be prince instead of Zebedee?

Theodore Tugboat: But... I... lost!

George: Of course you lost. I'm awesome! But I'm not gonna help just anybody try and beat Zebedee. The Fall Formal Prince should be someone with heart and determination. You've proved that you've got 'em both!


Philip and Filmore: [snickering]

Theodore Tugboat: And... can I get mine with extra fuels?

Owen: Fuels?

Theodore Tugboat: Uh, scratch that. However you normally make it is fine.

[fuel clatters]

Pearl: Oh! We've got to stop bumping into each other like this.

Theodore Tugboat: You know me! Always trying to make a big splash around here. 'Cause my oil kinda splashed... on the water! [nervous laughter] I'm gonna go over there now.

Foduck: Don't you even think about it! You're trying to get his stack. Who knows what Zebdee would do if you ended up getting his ex-girlfriend too?

Theodore Tugboat: I'm not trying to. I don't even now... We just accidentally... Ex-girfriend?

Emily: Pearl broke up with him a few weeks ago. I can't believe he hasn't done something awful to her yet.

Theodore Tugboat: Maybe he's just waiting until he has the power to do something really awful.

Lucy: All right, tugs. Dance is tomorrow night, and we still don't know how we're gonna get Theodore the votes he needs to be named prince. Right now, folks only know the Theodore from the videos Zebedee posted online. We need to help 'em see his differently.

[remarks of agreements]

Foduck: I'VE GOT IT? Ahem. I mean, um, perhaps I have a solution. Now this may be an absolutely preposterous idea, but what if we all these as a sign of unity? Freshman year, they were very, very popular. A way for everybody to show their harbor spirit! You know? "Go, Big Harbors! Ahem. I haven't sold any in ages. I mean, the five of us are obviously very different, but deep down, we're Big Harbors! Zebedee is the one who divided us,Theodore Tugboat is the one who united us. And we're gonna let eveyone know it! What do you think?

[ships chattering]

[guitar strumming]

[barge thudding]

[oil cans thudding]

[bumping and clanking]

[Hank, George, Lucy ,Emily, Foduck]

Hey, hey, everybody

We've got somthing to say

We may seen as different

As the night is from day

But you look a little deeper

And you will see

That I'm just like you

And you're just like me.


Hey, hey, everybody

We're here to shout

That the magic of friendship

Is what it's all about


We thought we were different

As the night is from the day

Until Theodore Tugboat

Helped us see another way

So get up get down

If you're gonna come around

We can work together

Helping Theodore win the stack

So get up get down

'Cause it's gonna make a sound

If we work together

Helping Theodore Tugboat

Win the stack!


Hey, hey ropes up now,

We're sending a message

To the crowd

Ropes wave up

Then come down

We party together

All around


Generous, honesty,


Laughter, kindness, loyalty


Theodore helped us each to see


All that we can be!

[Hank, George, Lucy, Emily, Foduck]

So get up get down

If you're gonna come around

We can work together

Helping Theodore win the stack

So get up get down

'Cause it's gonna make a sound

If we work together

Helping Theodore Tugboat

Win the stack!

[Theodore Tugboat]

I'm gonna be myself

No matter what I do

And if we're different yeah

I want to be true to you

If you follow me

We'll put our differences aside

We'll stick together and

Starting working on that harbor pride!

[All ships]

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)

Bump your hulls turn around

Start now, make a change,

Gonna come around

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)

Bump your hulls turn around

Big Harbors

Help him win the stack!

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)

Bump you hulls turn around

Start now, make a change,

Gonna come around

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)

Bump your hulls turn around

Big Harbors

Helped him win the stack!

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)

Bump your hulls turn around

Start now, make a change,

Gonna come around

Jump up make a sound (Hey!)

Bump you hulls turn around


[songs continues in the background]

Zebedee: Takes those off! I have something I need you to do.

[bell rings]

[ships chattering]

Foduck: Doesn't everyone look just fabulous?

Theodore Tugboat: It was a great idea, Foduck!

Lucy: Don't know what he's smilin' about. Theodore's the one that's gonna be Prince of the Fall Formal.

[whistle whistle whistle]

Zebedee: Dispatcher! Something terrible has happened!

Zebedee: Isn't this just awful? And after Hank worked so hard to make things so perfect! Why would Theodore Tugboat do something like this?

Dispatcher: Why would you think Theodore was responsible for something like this?

Zebedee: Because I have proof.

Theodore Tugboat: But... But I don't understand!

Dispatcher: This is clearly you in the photographs, is it not?

Theodore Tugboat: Yes, but...

Dispatcher: I think it should be fairly obvious that the harbor cannot let someone who would do something like this compete for the Fall Formal stack.

[whistle whistle]

Pearl: Dispatcher. I found these in a garbage barge in the library. Thought you should see them. Someone obviously combined these photos to make it look like Theodore was the one who thrashed the dock.

Dispatcher: I appreciate you bringing these to my attention, Pearl. In light of this new evidence, you may of course continue your bid to be stacked the Prince of Fall Formal.

Theodore Tugboat: Thank you! You have no idea how important this is to me!

Pearl: (chuckles) What was I gonna do? Not prove your innocence? Wouldn't be much of a Big Harbor, would I?

Dispatcher: I am afraid enough damage has been done to the dock that we will have to postpone the dance until tomorrow night. If you will excuse me, I need to let the harbor master know about this development.

Pearl: So, uh, I was wondering. If you aren't going with somebody, wanna go to the Fall Formal with me tomorrow night?

Theodore Tugboat: That would be... Tomorrow night!? No, no-no-no-no-no, no no no no no! Nononononono! I can't! The portal! That'll be too late! [panting]

Pearl: One "no" would have been fine!

Foduck: Everthing okay in there?

Theodore Tugboat: Yes! [to himself] Only it's not okay. It's not okay at all! If I don't get my stack tonight, I won't be able to go back to Bigg City Port for another thirty moons! Oh, what are gonna do?

Ten Cents: Hmm. We tell them the truth. Let them know what's really at stake if you don't get the stack tonight. They'll help us figure somethin' out.

Theodore Tugboat: But what if they won't? What if when they find out  how different I really am...?

Ten Cents: Theodore, these tugs rallied around you 'cause they saw what was in your heart. They aren't gonna feel any differently about you when they find out you're a star prince in Bigg City Port.

Theodore Tugboat: I'm glad you followed me here, Ten Cents.

Lucy: You okay?

Theodore Tugboat: The Fall Formal isn't happening tonight.

Hank: WHAT?!

Theodore Tugboat: It has to be postponed because Zebedee had Philip and Filmore ruin all of Hank's decorations.

Hank: WHAT?!?

Theodore Tugboat: But the Fall Formal has to happen tonight.

Hank: Wha-!

Theodore Tugboat: [sigh] You see...

Hank: You're from an alternate world and you're a star prince there and the stack actuallly has a magical element embedded in it that helps power up other magical elements, and without it they don't work anymore, and you need them all to help protect your magical world, and if you don't get the stack tonight, you'll be stuck in this world and you won't be able to get back for, like, a really, really long time! [squee]

George: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that isn't the reason.

Ten Cents: Nope, he's pretty much spot-on.

Foduck: He can talk!?

Ten Cents: Oh yeah! And back where I come from, I'm not even a harbor tug! I'm a toughest, strong-brave switcher!

Emily: This is so amazing! Tell me, what are you thinking right now?

Ten Cents: Sure would love a rub behind the old hulls!

Foduck: Gah...

Ten Cents: Uh, maybe later.

Theodore Tugboat: How did you all that?

Hank: Just a hunch.

Lucy: Wait a minute! Lemme get this straight. You're a star fleet?

Foduck: You're a prince?

Emily: You're from another world?

Theodore Tugboat: [gulp] Mm-hmm.

George: That... is... awesome!

[excited chatter]

Ten Cents: See? Told ya.

Foduck: I simply cannot believe they did all this!

Hank: If I only had some kind of... party cannon that could decorate everything super fast!

Theodore Tugboat: I know it seems impossible, but, maybe if we all work together?

Lucy: Now that's the kinda con-do spirit I'm lookin' for in a Fall Formal Prince! Let's do it, y'all!

Foduck: Absolutely!

George: Rock on!

Hank: Yes, indeedly!

Emily: [whispers] Yaaay!

[Theodore Tugboat]

It's time for us to come together

It's the only way that things will get better

It's time for us to take a stand

So come on and lend a helping rope


Fix it up

Yeah, it's all right

We'll get it ready by tonight

Mix it up

Yeah,help a friend

We'll come together in the end

[Hank and George]

It's time to show that we've got harbor spirit

Raise your voice and let everyone hear it

[Foduck and Lucy]

It's time to show that we're strong

So come on, everybody, sing along


(Look...) Look how we've all come together

(Things...) Things are only just starting to get better

(Look...) Look how we've all come together

(Things...) Things are only gonna get better, better, better, better!

(We... will...) Fix it up, yeah, it's all right

(Come... tonight, tonight...) We'll get it ready by tonight

(We... will...) Mix it up, yeah, help a friend

(Come... tonight, tonight...) We'll come together, together now!

Hank: This... looks... sooooo... GOOD!

The Harbor Master: [clapping] All right, everyone! Fall Formal is back on for this evening.

[ships cheering]

The Harbor Master: So you'd better get out of here and start getting ready. Oh, and don't forget to cast your ballots for the Fall FOrmal Prince in your way out!

"Fundy": You got my vote, Theodore.

"Stewiake": Mine, too!

Ship #2: Mine too!

Ship #3: Mine too!

Zebedee: You're lucy he able to pull it off. Next time I ask you to make a mess of things, try to show a little restriant! I need this Formal to go on tonight just as much as he does.

Emily: I still can't believe we pulled that off!

George: I can! We're awesome!

Foduck: Enough chatter, tugs. We need to get ready, and we need to look fabulous!


This is our big night

We're getting ready

And we're doing it right

This is our big night

Friendship survived,

Now we'll start it out right

The time's right, gonna make it last 'cause it's the first night

That we're ever gonna start to just have fun together

We're so glad, so happy we could never be mad

Did it right now, this is our big night now

Six friends on the way up now

Six friends here to show you how

This is our big night

We're getting ready

And we're doing it up right

This our big night

We made it happen

Now let's party all night

This is our big night

This is our big night

This is our big night

This is our big night

[ship pulls up]

[tugs laughing]

[boat pulls up]

Pearl: Uh, Theodore! Look, I know you said "no" about going to the Fall Formal with me, but would you reconsider and at leasst have one dance?

Theodore Tugboat: I didn't say "no"! I mean, I did, but... I didn't mean no, to you. I was... Well, what I mean is... yes. I'd love dance with you!


[rock music]

Theodore Tugboat: Anybody see Zebedee?

George: Maybe he was too embarrassed to show! He's gotta know you won by a landslide!

Theodore Tugboat: Maybe...

[music ends]


The Harbor Master: First off, I wanna say how wonderful everything looks tonight. You all did a magnificent job pulling things together after the unfortunate events of earlier. And now, without further ado, I'd like to announce the winner of this year's Fall Formal stack. The Prince of this year's Fall Formal is... Theodore Tugboat!

[ships cheering]

The Harbor Master: Congratulations, Theodore.

Ten Cents: Theodore! Help!

Theodore Tugboat: Ten Cents?

Ten Cents: [growling]

Theodore Tugoat: They've got Ten Cents!

Zebedee: That's close enough!

Ten Cents: Theodore!

Theodore Tugboat: Don't hurt him!

Zebedee: Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. I'm not a monster, Theodore. [to Philip and Filmore] Let him go. [to Theodore] You don't belong here. Give me the stack, and you can go back to Bigg City Port tonight. Or keep it and never go home.

Theodore Tugboat: [gasp]

Zebedee: Tick-tock, Theodore. We've haven't got all night. The portal will be closing on its own in less than an hour. So, what's your answer?

Theodore Tugboat: No.

Zebedee: What? Bigg City Port! Your friends! Lost to you forever! Don't you see what I'm about to do to the portal?!

Theodore Tugboat: Yes, but I've also seen what you've been able to do here without magic. Bigg City Port will find away to survive without my Elements of Harmony. This place might not, if I allow it to falll into your ropes. So go ahead. Destroy the portal. You are not getting this stack!

Zebedee: Fine. You win.

George: You... are.. so awesome!

Lucy: I can't believe you were gonna do that for us!

Foduck: It's no wonder you're a real live prince!

Zebedee: Oh, yes, he's s very special! [chuckles evilly] At last! More power than I could ever imagine!

[ships gasp]

[thunder rumbles]

Zebedee: [evil laughter]

Main cast: [gasps]

Philip: This is gonna be so cool!

[ships screaming]

Zebedee: I've had to jump through so many hoops tonight just to get my ropes on this stack, and it really should have been mine all along. [growls] But let's let beygones be bygones. I am your prince now, and you will be loyal... to me!

[ships screaming, Seabright scream]

[entranced moaning]

Zebedee: [to Philip and Filmore] Round them upand bring them to the portal. [to Theodore and friends] Spoiler alert: I was bluffing when I said I was going to destroy the portal. I don't want to rule this pathetic little harbor; I want Bigg City Port! And with my own little ship army behind me, I am going to get it!

[zombie-like moans]

Theodore Tugboat: No, you're not!

Zebedee: Oh, please! What exactly do you think you're going to stop me? I have magic, and you have nothing!

George: He has us!

Zebedee: [growls, evil laughter] Gee, the gang really is all back togeher again. [evil laughter] Now step aside! Theodore has tried to interfere with my plans one too many times already! He needs to dealt with! [evil laughter] What!?

Theodore Tugboat: The magic contained in my Element was able to unite with those that helped create it! [echoing]Honesty! Kindness! Laughter! Generosity! Loyalty! Magic! Together with a stack, they create a power beyond anything you could imagine, but it is power you don't have the ability to control! The stack may be upon your stack, Zebedee, but you cannot wield it, because you do not possess the most powerful magic of all: the magic of friendship!

Zebedee: No! [screaming] What is happening!

Theodore Tugboat: Here and in Bigg City Port, it is only magic that can truly unite us all!

Theodore Tugboat: You will never rule in Bigg City Port. Any power you may have had in this world is gone. Tonight, you've shown everyone who you really are. You've shown them what is in your heart.

Zebedee: [crying] I-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't know there was another way.

Theodore Tugboat: The magic of friendship doesn't just exist in Bigg City Port. It's everywhere. You can seek it out, or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours.

Zebedee: But... But all I've ever done since being here is drive everyone apart. I don't know the first thing about friendship.

Theodore Tugboat: I bet they can teach you.

Ten Cents: Those are my tugs! Woo-hoo!

"Chester": Did that talking harbor tug just talk? Whoa. Weird.

Ten Cents: Seriously? The talking harbor tug is a weird thing about all this?

Foduck: I, for one, think you're adorable.

Ten Cents: Oh, yeah.

The Harbor Master: I believe tjis belongs to you. A true prince in any world leads not by forcing others to bow before him, but by inspiring others to stand him. We have all seen tthat you are capable of just that. I hope you see it too, Prince Theodore.

Theodore Tugboat: I do.

[crowds cheers]

Pearl: Would now be a completely awkward tim to ask you for that dance?

Theodore Tugboat: [giggles]


This our big time

We made it happen

Now let's party all night

We're here now and we worked so hard to make it come around

To tonight so let's try to make it last forever

The harbor lights so bright, beat is pumping through the night

Party's starting, DJ's got the music just right!

Six friends on the way up now

Six friends here to show you how

This is our big night

This is our big night

This is our nig night

Main cast: [giggling]

Theodore Tugboat: You'll look aout after him, won't you?

Foduck: Of course we will. Although I do expect some sort of  apolpgy for last spring's debacle.

Theodore Tugboat: I have a feeling he'll be handling out a lot of apologies.

Ten Cents: We better get going.

Theodore Tugboat: I know we've only been friends for a short time, but I'm gonn miss you all so much. [sigh]

Ten Cents: That stack really suits you, Prince Theodore.

Theodore Tugboat: You know, Ten Cents? I am starting to feel a little comfortable wearing it.

Ten Cents: And the ropes?

Theodor Tugboat; I've been sailing on small bodys and picking things up with these! Ropes? I'm thrilled that's all I'll be dealing with back in Bigg City Port!


Hank: Oh, bummer!

Sunshine: Theodore!

Top Hat; You're back!

OJ: You've got your stack!

Warrior: I knew you could do it!

Big Mac: Oh, we were so worried.

Captain Star: Zebedee, is he alright?

Theodore Tugboat: I think he's gonna be fine. I left him in good ropes.

Top Hat: What are ropes?

Sunshine: Where did you stay?

OJ: What did you wear?

Warrior: Did ya have fun?

Big Mac: What'd ya refuel?

Top Hat: Would ya say he's just as awesome as me?

Theodore Tugboat: [sigh] I wanna tell you all everything, I do, but I'm just so exhausted from all the dancing.

Top Hat, Warrior, Big Mac, Sunshine, OJ, Coast Guard: Dancing?!

Theodore Tugboat and Wicki: Oh.

Wicki: We've got to stop bumping into each other like this.

Theodore Tugboat: Who was that?

Coast Guard: She's a new member of the star fleets. Wicki. Why? Do you know her?

Theodore Tugboat: Not exactly.

Big Mac: Oooh! Someboat's got a crush on the new girl!

Theodore Tugboat: No. No, I don't.

OJ: [gasp] He does! He absolutely does!

Theodore Tugboat: Don't be ridiculous. I don't even know her. She just...

Warrior: Totally reminds you of a girl you met in the other world who played guitar, was in a band, and helped prove you didn't destroy all the decorations for a big dance, so you could still run for prince of the big dance, and then asked you to dance at that dance?! [big breath] Right?

Theodore Tugboat: How did you know that?

Warrior: Just a hunch!



A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

I couldn't see that was

Right there in front of me

Turned the back

Got my mind off track


You saw a world that was

Something new entirely

Helped me to see

Alll the possibilties


Like a star in the day light

Or like a diamond at night

Your light was hidden

From my sight

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

Every friendship is tested

You say you're sincere

But it's all unclear now

But with a word

Eveything changes

And just like that

You and I are right back


Like a star in the day light (Star in the day light)

Or like a diamond at night (Diamond at night)

Your light will shine

When the time is right

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

When I put my hand out

And I thought I would fall

You knew what I needed

And you came around

To fix it all

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

A friend for life

That's what you are to me


(Like a star in the day light)

A friend for life

That's what you are to me

(Like a diamond at night)

That's what you are to me

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