Theodore Tugboat episodes on Season 4

1.Foduck's Hurt Feelings

2.Theodore's Tough Tugging

3.Theodore's Ocean Adventure

4.Theodore's New Job

5.Digby's Diaster

6.Dartmouth Says Goodbye

7.George and the Funny Noise/George and the Funny Noises

8.Rebecca's Treasure

9.Guysborough's Garbage

10.Theodore Visits Ceilidh's Cove

11.George's Turn

12.Theodore Lands on Earth

13.Hank Makes a Friend

14.Foduck Blows his Stack

15.Sigrid and the Bumpers

16.Hank's Wheezy Whistle

17.Theodore and the Haunted Houseboat

18.Northumberland is Missing

19.Emily Goes Overboard

20.Emily and the Splash

21.Rebecca and the Big Snore

22.Theodore and the Lies

23.Theodore's Bright Idea

24.George and the Navy Ship

25.Theodore's Prize

26.The Dispatcher's Best Birthday

27.Emily's Easy Job

28.Nautilus and the Sinking Ship

29.Owan on the Loose

30.Emily's Bruised Bumper

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