Pandamonium is a Theodore Tugboat episode.


The Littlest Pet Shop gang come to visit the Big Harbour and Emily reads them a comic book titled "Pandamonium" but Penny Ling thinks the name is just plain silly but the gang soon decides to act the story out but Penny Ling refuses to participate. After George convinces her that doing performences can be fun, Penny Ling finally accepts the participation in the act by playing her designative role as Pandamonium. 


Blythe Baxter, Zoe Trent, Pepper Clark, Vinnie Terrio, Minka Mark, Sunil Nevla, Russell Ferguson and Penny Ling come to visit Theodore, Emily, Foduck, Hank, George and Theodore's old friend Lucy in the Big Habour. When they arrive, the tugs are delighted to see them and Emily reads the pets a comic book called Pandamonium a superhero inwhom she descrides has the powers of various animals. Penny Ling thinks the name is played out and walks away. Once Emily finnishes, Russell suggests they act out the story as the heroes from the comic. Meanwhile, George goes to look for Penny Ling and finds her sitting on the beach. He asks her what the matter is and she tells him that she doesn't want to take part in the performence. George tells Penny Ling that the title of the book represents what type of species she is and she tougthens up and accepts to participate in the act. Back in the harbour, the tugs are making superhero costumes and special equiptment for the pets and see George returning with Penny Ling, who asks if she can be Pandamonium and Emily puts her in the costume. Later, Zoe, Pepper, Vinnie, Minka, Sunil, Russell and Penny are dressed in their new costumes. Russell, who is dressed as Captain Prickles, points out that Foduck is missing and Sunil, dressed as El Cobra Cabra, jumps as high as he can and hovers in the air with the help of Benjamin Bridge. Sunil sees Foduck trapped in the small cave near Rocky Point. Penny Ling, dressed as Pandamonium, lassos a branch and swings across to the cave followed by Minka, dressed as the Elasti-Monkey. Pandamonium and Elasti-Monkey remove all the rocks and rescue Foduck and the act gets turned into a film and the tugs, pets and teenage girl go to see it that night. The episode ends with Penny Ling winking at the audience.

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