~Kevin is a harbor tug and a younger cousin of Theodore and Foduck. He is created by and belongs to Thunderbird1InternationalRescue, the only user who can edit this page unless permission is granted.~

Bio Edit

Name: Kevin


Birthday: December 26, 2009

Age: 6

Gender: Male

Boat Type: Harbor Tug

Likes: Being with his cousins, his cousins' friends, and every other vessel in The Big Harbor who is friendly to him, The Hooley Dooleys, The Wiggles, Theodore and Foduck showing him new stuff.

Dislikes: Oliver, Henry, and Percy, Guysborough, any other mean vessel in the harbor, George telling the others scary stories, going to the repair dock (though he conquers his fear in Kevin's Checkup).

Favorite Food(s): Nachos, quesadillas, sweet n' sour chicken, churrios, any other kind of Mexican or Chinese dishes and treats

Least Favorite Food(s): Any kind of food that is really spicy.

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