Jack is a battleship built and owned by the US Navy and patrols the Big Harbour,along with his best friend Joe.


He is one of two ships patroling the Big Harbour,along with Joe.


Jack is a kind ship and if someone is in need he will always be there to help.However,his massive size sometimes stops him from getting into small areas,and when he can get in he is usually very clumsy.But he doesn't like being in tight places like drydocks or just plain old docks,saying his real home is out in the ocean,free to crash into the waves.


Jack seems to have no relations in the Big Harbour,but he claims that he has a crush on another Naval boat,which he has not revealed the name.He has not told Joe this yet.


Jack is based on the Iowa class battleships of WWII.


  • Jack has never been in an actual battle since he was built in 1940.
  • He is good friends with Theodore and Hank.

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