George and the Navy Ship is a season 4 on Theodore Tugboat episode.


George wants to be just like his hero, Nautilus, the Navy Ship. But his pretending goes too far when he mistakes Truro's fishing net for garbage and insists on towing Truro into the Harbour as if the fishing trawler is a criminal. When Theodore points out George's mistakes, George realizes that being a Navy ship isn't as easy as it looks.


Narrator: It was a busy day in the Big Harbour and Theodore and George had just finished docking Nautilus the Navy Ship.

Theodore: Nautilus, how do you do your job as a Navy Ship?

Nautilus: Well, Theodore, protecting the ocean that's how.

Theodore: Wow!

Narrator: George liked the idea of being a Navy Ship. Then, an idea flew into his smokestack.

George: You know what, Nautilus? I'm going to be a Navy Ship too.

Narrator: Theodore laughed.

Theodore: (Laughs) You? A Navy Ship? No way.

George: I got the idea from Nautilus, Theodore. And if I do my best being a Navy Ship, they'll know me as George the Navy Ship!

Narrator: And with that George took off like the wind.

Nautilus: George, wait! Being a Navy Ship isn't as easy it seems!

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