Foduck Goes Missing is an episode of Theodore Tugboat.


It was busy day at the Big Harbour all the tugs has jobs to do. Theodore takes Guysborough to collect garbage, George, Emily, and Lucy brings a big cargo ship into the Harbour. Hank collects barrels with Barrington, and Foduck been busy checking everything in the Harbour. After the jobs are finish the Dispatcher called the tugs. He announced that Canso Colossus, the King of all the super tankers is coming to the Big Harbour for a few days. Tugs are excited and the Dispatcher order get the Harbour organize before his arrival. A few days later, everyone is getting ready for Canso Colossus is arriving two days. Foduck is using his hose to give the tugs nice and clean. The Dispatcher gaves all tugs their jobs to be ready for Canso Colossus visits except Foduck. The Dispatcher order him to get check the Harbour is safe and check the bell buoys, Foduck gets tired and worried so much he's afraid that he won't see Canso come to the Harbour. So Foduck check everything in the Big Harbour to make its safe. Foduck felt that he wasn't special tugboat at all; that night when everyone is asleep, Foduck to set off to run away from home and make new friends. Foduck farewell to his home and gently look at Lucy the tug who's in love, he gently quietly kiss her on the lips and farewell to his love and set off out of the Harbour. Out of distance in the Harbour, Foduck set off to find a place to sleep. Than he found in an old cave that was forgotten years ago, so Foduck decided to sleep there before he can go. The next morning, the tugs found Foduck went missing. Theodore organizes a search party and everyone looks around for the missing safety tug.

Section HeadingEdit

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