The tugboats wake up for a good morning. The Dispatcher tells Theodore to take Barrington barge and Theodore did so. But just before Theodore and the rest of his friends could leave, a small stream of smoke passes Theodore's nose. Emily smells the smoke and tells her friends she thinks it is coming from Rocky Point and they all rush to see what it is. When they get there, they see smoke coming out through top of Rocky Point! Just then, Theodore hears a whistle it's coming from inside Rocky Point Theodore goes inside the small cave and keeps coughing because of the smoke suddenly, Theodore sees someone surrounded by big rocks until he realizes it's his friend Foduck. Theodore races over to the trapped safety tug Foduck explains to Theodore that he got trapped when the cave got blocked Theodore tells Foduck that he is determind to rescue him and Foduck gives Theodore a fire hose and using his special crane arm, Theodore removes all the rocks and rescues Foduck. Meanwhile outside, The other tugs are worried that Theodore might have gotten hurt but then, they see Theodore coming out of the cave and pushing Foduck. Everyone cheers and blows their whistles Theodore pushes Foduck next to George and puts out the fire with the fire hose that Foduck gave him. Everyone smiles and makes Theodore feel proud deep down inside. Later that night, all the tugboats are asleep. All of them that is except for one, Theodore. He is wearing a firefighters helmet and badge which The Dispatcher gave him for his bravery but he soon sees Foduck's smokestack sparking he soon sees a small flame rise up from Foduck's back deck Theodore alerts the other tugs and they watch as Theodore rescues Foduck once more. After Theodore rescues Foduck, the rescue tug thanks him.


Theodore rescuing Foduck scene was fantastic.

Emily kisses Theodore on the lips on two episodes Emily Goes to Russia and It's a Wonderful Life

Trivia 2

In the part when Theodore rescues Foduck from the fire the inside of Rocky Point, Theodore becomes a volunteer firefighter .

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