Big Harbour Superheroes! is a Theodore Tugboat episode.


Theodore, Hank and Lucy, in their superhero guises, go on imaginary adventures that bring them face to face with Emily, George and Foduck. After the tugs are going imaginary adventures, they discovered they a rock shape like a tugboat. After Lucy saw some words on the rock, Theodore began to the word the words. The words says, If you go to the mysterious cave to see something amazing, find the birthstones colors, and see something magical. So the tugboats and their superhero guises goes to find mysterious cave to find the colors of birthstones. After they find the cave, the mysterious cave is the biggest cave ever. Foduck checks to make sure to mysterious cave is safe to go inside, everyone begin to go inside carefully. After they got inside the cave, Hank reminds his friends to the birthstones colors. Everyone look for the birthstones and they can't find it. Theodore and Lucy saw the light over there, they others followed to see it was a birthstones or not. After they followed they light and there they saw it the colorful birthstones. Everyone is excited they found colorful stones. The superhero guises went to get the stones and everyone float off to find something magical. After putting the stones together, the tugboats see them form a giant rock which fires different coloured beams at them. It shot a red one at Theodore, a blue one at George, a dark blue one at Hank, a green one at Emily, a purple one at Lucy and an orange one at Foduck. All the tugs suddenly felt dizzy and went back to the harbour to rest.

Section headingEdit

The birthstones colors are the most beautiful jewelry ever to seen.

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