This page is about the Awards people even like you could win! Just create an account on Wikia, do an event below and you could win a special award :) Just post on this page by pressing add message and tell me! (Do not lock your page if you want me to give you an award.)


Basic BadgeEdit

Basic Badge

The Basic Badge is a simple badge for users that have less than 70 edits. An easy badge for beginners. All that is needed, is a single edit.

Great BadgeEdit

Great Badge

The Great Badge is a badge for great users! Users with 100 edits are granted this badge! It's actually not that hard to get on your page.

Helping Hand BadgeEdit

Helping Hand Badge

The Helping Hand Badge is a basic badge you'll get when you collaborate with (an)other user(s) on the same page.

Matching BadgeEdit

Matching Badge

The Matching Badge is a badge for people that have made a fad on articles like a special template! Not that hard. ;D

Crazy BadgeEdit

Crazy Badge

The Crazy Badge is a badge for really good users that have have 280 edits and must have at least 3 good reviews on their page! Like, "you edit a lot!" or "Good Job"

To Good to be True BadgeEdit

Too Good To Be True Badge

The Too Good To Be True Badge is a badge for only the pros! You need 460 edits and at least 15 good reviews on you page but, only good reviews like, "NICE". Very Hard To Get!

Ultra BadgeEdit

Ultra Badge

The Ultra Badge is pretty hard to get! You need 830 edits and 50 good reviews! Don't rush you're self, it's hard.

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