One day, Theodore is heading to Healand Harbor to vist Zug. In Healand Harbor  Zug and Conner are loading Sam with Oranges. After, Sam goes to Stephen to help him load rocks. Stephen isn't very gentle and bangs Sam's trucks. Sam tells Stephen to be carful and Stephen says Ok. Captain Flake called Ellie to get a soil barge at the plant factory. Zug overhears and hurries to the plant factory. But then he rembers Captain Flake Safty First. Ellie arives and Zug says you should take this. The Flake Fleet tells Zug he did a good job about safety. Later, Stephen is pushing Bulstrode the barge who is carring a big crane. He has to go under Healand Harbor bridge. But Bulstrodes crane broke the main piece of the bridge. Zug hears Theodore approching the bridge. Zug knows what he has to do. Sinse Zug's bow is tall, he can trie to hold up the bridge for Theodore. The bridge was heavier than it looked. Theodore was now under the bridge. But then... Theodore ran out of oil. Theodore was stuck under the collasing bridge and Zug couldn't hold it any longer. Elvis quickly pushed Theodore out from under the bridge. Zug broke his bow and ran backward. Everyone was ok, but Zug's bow was broken and his hat was crompled. That night Zug went to Healand Harbor Repair Dock. Theodore and the Flake Fleet were very proud of Zug for helping a friend in need.

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This episode is based on A Friend in need from Thomas & Friends








Captain Flake

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